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Missouri State Guard


Gateway Arch, St. Louis

Citizen soldiers in every sense of the word, giving of their time and talents to help their neighbors and communities in times of emergencies or disasters.  The Missouri State Guard is a professional military organization dedicated to the People and State of Missouri serving as unpaid volunteers under the authority of the Governor of the State of Missouri as the third tier of Homeland Defense alongside their fellow soldiers of the U.S. Armed Forces and the Missouri National Guard.


Our Mission



The Missouri State Guard as an organization is not subject to call into Federal Service, but individual members remain subject to the draft the same as all citizens.  The State Guard is intended for deployment only within Missouri.  For practical purposes, active service is expected only in the vicinity of a member’s residence.  The State Guard is essentially an internal security force.  In the event the Missouri National Guard is called into Federal service, the State Guard will become the principal military organization responsible for the internal security of the Stage of Missouri.

An All Volunteer Force!  Join today!



The members of the State Guard are men and women volunteers who serve their neighbors without pay.  The State Guard is open to all interested persons between 17 and 65 years of age.  Prior military personnel as well as those without any military service are invited to apply.  All applicants are carefully screened.




The Missouri State Guard is organized into four brigades, each with several Battalions.  They are composed of Military Police, Infantry, Signal Corps, Chaplain Corps and other Military Occupational Specialties.  The Commander-in Chief is the Governor of Missouri.  Day-to-day the State Guard is commanded by the State Guard Commanding General.


George Washington stated the basic principle of civilian service to our country when he said: “Every citizen who enjoys the protection of a free government owes not only a portion of his property, but even of his personal service in defense of it.”

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(314) 537-5158 or (314) 497-5959


Public Affairs Officer

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1085 Wiethaupt Rd

Florissant, MO  63031


1085 Wiethaupt Road
Florissant, MO 63031

Phone: 314-537-5158